Noosa local makes waves in Hawaii - Cooper Davies
From the paradise that is Noosa Heads, Queensland - Cooper now travels the world surfing and competing. He's a full-time frother and shack hunter who won the 2018 Australian open men’s title on the Gold Coast. He's definitely one to keep an eye on for future competitions and events. We can't wait to see what the future holds for the youngster. Keep killing it brother.

Thanks for getting back to us man, tell us a little bit about yourself, hometown and how you got into surfing?
Thanks guys! I’m from a place called Noosa Heads just north of the Gold Coast, that’s where I’ve grown up surfing my whole life which I’m so grateful for, such an amazing spot! I started surfing quite late kind of around 12 years old as Tennis was my main Sport! Traveling the world competing in tennis tournaments but the love wasn’t there haha, and before I knew it my passion for surfing started to grow more and more competing in my first comp at 14! Getting into contact with Promovement who I’ve been training with for about 5 years now Dean Brady being my Surf coach and funny enough he actually competed in tennis at a young age and didn’t start surfing till quiet late so we came from similar backgrounds haha, Jarryd Bates running the fitness, keeps me in tip top shape aswell, big thanks!  
Winning the 2018 Australian open men’s title on the Gold Coast was a huge confidence booster, setting me up to now traveling the world competing on the Grindy QS Series!! Finishing last year in top 150 so am keeping it rolling into 2020! 
Is full-time surfing the ultimate dream?
Absolutely! I think that’s basically anyone who surfs dream for sure, can’t go past it! 
We saw your recent trip to Hawaii – what’s the vibe like around Pipe?
Hawaii is not your average surf session on the East Coast! Treading lightly is the go, watching and learning. With the world’s best surfers all around you it’s not an easy place to catch waves, so I feel like getting to know people and being respectful is a massive part! 
We’ve heard stories about how heavy the Pipe wave is, let alone the crew out there. Have you had any sketchy moments out there?
Haha yea it’s wild, actually my recent trip over there we scored pipe pretty solid and being one of the last on the pecking order for getting waves, I was sitting a little further in and of course a second reefer started to break out the back. With a big crowd in front of me, they all started ditching their boards and leg ropes snapping, so me being a bit closer in from them had about 5 surfboards headed straight at me. Thought I’d just duck dive it ‘cause didn’t want to snap my leash, but without any hope my board was ripped from my hands and my leash snapped so then started my rough swim in haha. 
The above (the big one of you in the pit at OTW) photo has our mind blown. Describe what it’s like to be standing inside a pit that big!
Yea it’s a vision that definitely is remembered for a long time, and can pack a punch if she doesn’t like you haha! Just the ocean itself over there is so powerful because they don’t have a continental shelf, giving the waves a lot more power and energy! 
What quiver of boards did you take to Hawaii?
I took 7 boards from a 5’11 to a 7’2. I’ve been working with Thomas Surfboards for about 4 years now and they’ve been working really well for me over there and around home. Living 5 mins from the factory makes for an exceptional relationship with my shaper and glasser!! Also took a 5’6 fish over to change it up between surfs on my normal shortboards! 
Is there a surfer that influences your style?
Definitely, I look up to a lot of surfers probably some of the biggest influences are Joel Parkinson with his style and flow, so crazy! Dave Rastovich and Harrison Roach both able to pretty much ride any surfboard under the sun in the best possible way! I feel like changing up boards is a big part of surfing itself! Leaving the comfort zone, and trying new things! 
What are the big bold plans for 2020?
I’m going to be chasing the QS, the ultimate goal, trying to earn enough points this year to see me get into the 10,000’s by the end of the year!! I’m just enjoying traveling to all these amazing places and competing! Would ideally like to chase a few swells between events but money doesn’t grow on trees so working when I can at home, doing surf coaching and a bit of trade work with dad! But enjoying life! Thanks guys ❤️


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February 25, 2020 — SURF VISUALS



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Joan & Paul Davies

Joan & Paul Davies said:

We’re so happy for you Cooper
Keep up with your great efforts
Soar like an Albatross over those waves 👌💕


John said:

Coops go hard do Australia proud mate good luck
Watching all the time
Uncle &Aunty john Jenny

Maureen Barkway

Maureen Barkway said:

Sounds like a great young guy, with a love for surfing, he must put lots of hours into training, I will follow him with great interest, as I think he has a great future.

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