Meet The Winner - Vitor Viana
2018 PHOTO COMP WINNER: Meet the Winner of the Eat Your Water 'LIFESTYLE' category - Vitor Viana. Vitor is a 24 year old reigning from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil just living in the world looking for interesting things to create. Vitor's unique style sees him shooting everything and anything in a weird and a little unconventional way. Have a look below to see for yourself.



Dude, firstly congrats on winning the Eat Your Water ‘Lifestyle’ Category! Did this catch you as a surprise?
Winning the contest was such a surprise for me, I was traveling and did not have time to share the link and ask for votes but when I came back home I saw my photo there and just said 'omg I'm the winner' haha. 
From first glance at this image, it immediately stood out for us! How did you come to take this shot?
This picture was taken in a place I like really much, it was a classic day in Malibu-CA and I was shooting at the sea and when I left I just saw the man taking a nap in his log I could not lose this moment I thought 'that’s the bed I want for my life'.
Where are you from, age, favourite thing(s) to shoot?
I'm 24 from Brazil just living in the world looking for interesting things to create. I like to shoot everything is weird and a little unconventional, when we talk about surf I love to share the ocean with classic surfers who doesn't matter the size of the wave they are having fun. When the most people are looking for big waves I thing small waves are a really good place to be creative and get good shots. 


How will you be spending the prize money?
I don't know what I'll do with the money because I didn't expect that haha but of course I'm going to put this money  in a personal project and hope to show it here.
Favourite meal and beer?
OMG the hardest question! I love beer and I think beer is good with all kind of food but nowadays Kona Brewing and japanese food has been a good combination.
We love your unique photography style, is this something you pride yourself on?
Like I said my kind of photography is go out the comum and when we do for love I think the things happen so I'm happy with my shots.
Plans for 2019?
This year I'm moving my sleeping spot for Los Angeles and the plans are the same keeping creating and traveling a lot



February 24, 2019 — SURF VISUALS



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Love the photos – very different !!!!

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