Meet The Winner - Damian Davila
2018 PHOTO COMP WINNER: Meet the Winner of the URBNSURF 'SURF' category - Damian Davila. Damo is a self-taught photographer, artist and musician, born in Baja California Mex and now based in Belgium, whose work is layered by surf, outdoor, lifestyle and travel subjects. With the ocean as his main muse, he has consistently captured this subject in timeless and expansive photographic impressions, utilizing the tool of bodyboarding to approach the ocean’s intricate personality and then extending out to include the human personalities that draw meaning from this same source.


Damo, congrats on winning the URBNSURF Surf Category in the 2018 Photo Comp. How stoked are you? 
Haha thank you first of all. I am really stoked! Never actually won something internationally especially coming out from Australia which is a really well-respected country for surfing, couldn't believe it when I saw the results.

You’ve seen to have gained a cult following after we gave you the nickname “Damo”. Are you a fan? 

Damo sounds funny haha I feel cool haha like if you were referring to Damien Hobgood.

How will you spend the cash? 
As for the cash I'm in Baja at the moment and I'm gonna withdraw a little for Tacos and the rest save for a dome port for my housing.
And the image, something we don’t usually see from you – big barrels and lineups seem to be your forte. Talk us through how you created this winner. 
As for the image yea you are right! I mostly like to shoot barrels hehe, This image was taking in Portugal, It was super flat that day but my friend a dutch long boarder Oscar Schenk was passing by and I was shooting from underneath to try different perspectives, I literally tell them just go for it! if you ran me over it's my fault but you won't I will try to dive fast, I just want to get the shot! I turned it into black and white to give it a little bit more of drama.


If you had to save one image tell us what it would be and why?
If I had to save an image maybe it would be one of my wife and baby to always remember them, but as for surfing haha probably of course a big barrel from my home break to always bring back those memories and moments.


Any plans for 2019?
In 2019 I want to keep doing this, Just try to survive it photography wise and try to work harder and save for more trips and new footage and of course experiences!


February 17, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
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