Meet The Winner - Alex Mattie
2018 PHOTO COMP WINNER: Meet the Winner of the Wave Of The Day Surf Travel 'TRAVEL' category - Alex Mattie. Absolute cracker of an image - if you've ever been to Indo, you'd know this is your daily means of travel. Show the sassy sloth some love.


Sassy Sloth, congrats on winning the Wave Of The Day Travel Category in the 2018 Photo Comp. Did this come as a surprise?
Thanks so much guys, it came as a huge surprise actually. I was stacked up against some incredible photos from some amazing people, so to be chosen as the winner was a humbling feeling - i’ve never won any sort of photo contest before. I’m thankful to you guys for giving people like myself an outlet and opportunity to showcase moments in my life I’m stoked about!
How did you come across taking this epic shot. Indo, the bikes, the vibes? 
Just another day in indo haha. If you’ve ever been to indo, you know this is your main means of travel day to day. The day started with a pretty standard surf with the guys as most days did but with the high tide going out, we knew of a beach that is extra fun to rip our dirtbikes on and score some fun shorebreak waves with the lower tide. When I shoot most of the time, I like to document the adventure, or action rather than setup up or force anything. Huge shoutout to my buddies Mark and Quinten though for always being up for an adventure. 
The image encapsulates everything surf travel, was this planned? 
Not really actually as it was just us having as much fun as we can but I love this shot as it’s not perfect but it feels real. It shows how we made indo our playground and did the things we loved to do, which I think that shows here. When on a surf trip, I think most of us really squeeze everything we can out of it, specially in indo so my image is something people can relate to or even be inspired to do on their next trip. 
How will you be spending the cash?
I think I’m gonna put it towards a housing for my camera. I love shooting in the water but my main camera in the water is a Nikonos Film camera and although the images that camera can produce are amazing, I want to get my digital in there! 
Any plans on heading back to indo, the land of fruitful waves and ice cold bintangs?
Always! I miss it all the time. I was on the phone with a mate in the UK the other day and we got on the topic of a boat trip so we’ll see when we plan that! These cold lake waves can only suffice for so long.
Where do you see your photographic career taking you? 
Right now, I’m fairly happy with my photography being my passion and a hobby with a small amount of income i’ve had from it. I just always want to love it and feel inspired from it. It would be cool to shoot content for brands or people while getting the opportunity to travel or just allowing me to create images that inspire others to get out and experience more. 
If you had to save one image from the apocalypse, what would it be and why?
It’s nothing crazy but it’s the one that always comes to mind. It’s a film shot of me when I lived in a Holden Commedore Wagon in Australia. It’ll always bring my back to the best of memories, great people, and overall my favourite place I’ve lived! 

Plans for 2019?
I’m feeling pretty good about 2019 actually. Really looking to push my personal development in all aspects of life and continue to just have as much fun as I can along the way. Surf trips, new connections, and taking life as it comes is my main focus for sure!
February 03, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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