The Big Bold Plan For 2020

It's been a huge year, 2019, for the small team at SurfVisuals. We have come leaps and bounds from the previous year and we are super proud to give you some insight into where we are headed for 2020 and beyond. 

In April, we launched a campaign "Behind The Shaper" - a series full of tall tales from 12 local, highly-respected shapers from Victoria’s iconic Surf Coast. The series consisted of exclusive interviews, insights and never-before-seen photos of these 12 craftsmen, in their element. We dived into their lives, motivations, experiences, and how they see the future of shaping. This changed everything.

SV's small team of 4, Ben, Michael, Gin and Brook will now embark on a bigger and brighter future of engaging the SV community with everything and anything considered within surfing's sub-culture. 


SV Creative Co is a multi-dimensional creative media agency. Across our agency and publishing networks, we create and distribute, unique, influential content and branding through a wide range of digital and printed media that resonate with our community.

Photo: Charlotte Pieper - U + I Label Women Of The Sea Category Winner - 2019 Photo Comp

Forever, SurfVisuals to us, has always been a place where we want the community to be able to actively interact with original articles and stories shared to our website. This is where we make the change.

In 2020, we will be fully launching the current to be the underground news destination for all things surf-culture. SurfVisuals will not only be a community of photographers, surfers and like-minded individuals, but a fully fledged news and media site. 

We will share with you the best events, products, videos, photos, brands, bars, cars and everything in between. From now, we will be taking submissions for articles and they can be sent through to

Photo: Tom Brune - 2019 Dropbox Film Category Winner

Other than focusing on telling all the news and goss from within each of surfing's sub-cultures, we will be helping photographers boost their career through our Find Your Photographer Program.

This program is designed to advertise photographers through our website and social channels to ultimately get seen and booked by our clients. We have a bigger plan in the pipeline and the Find Your Photographer Program will streamline that plan to hopefully launch in late 2021. 

From the team and everyone associated and linked to SurfVisuals, we appreciate all of your support and we promise we are not selling out. We are giving you the best insight into what we think you want to see and want to read. 

It is our dream to become the worlds number one surf culture news magazine and nothing will change from our roots.

We love you all and any feedback will always be welcome.


People will stare, make it worth their while.

December 11, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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