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Unless you’ve been off-world for an unspecified period, you’ve probably raised an eyebrow or nodded knowingly at the news that the major global surf industry players over the last three decades have got themselves into all sorts of trouble and strife of late.
Yeah, you remember: the big brands that lost their souls; sold out again and again; created ridiculously high degrees of negative consumer sentiment among the punters they once used to call their own; lost stupid corporate wars, hired wasteful CEOs; became slaves to private equity bail-out conditions; jettisoned fully-functioning brand acquisitions like ballast from a sinking ship; and haemorrhaged product authenticity, consumer identification, and brand credibility and respect like air from a nail-punctured speedway tyre.
While those surf industry executives continue to twist on the heads of their self-imposed pins, over the last two and half years a very different business model that is both rebuilding and nurturing the grass roots of Australian surf culture has been quietly and steadily gaining momentum and a good head of steam.
Established specifically to champion, invigorate, support and promote the work of the independent Australian designers, artists and craftspeople that constitute both the current base and future apex of surf culture, Surf Collective has assembled a growing online family of 70+ brands from which the savvy and engaged punter can outfit themselves with all manner of unique boards, bikinis, apparel or wearable art for life in or near the sea.
Focussed strictly on bringing together proudly independent Australian producers of high-quality ocean-oriented lifestyle equipment, apparel, eyewear, art, jewellery and accessories - and deliberately eschewing the reckless and wasteful management mistakes of their monocultural multinational competitors - Surf Collective is a healthy, sustainably-scaled and growing online family of independent Australian brands with strong shared and overlapping business goals and cultural values. A true market alternative providing direct access to quality, home-grown product alternatives. 









February 26, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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