Vague by Jonah Mcdonald
Just recently we sat down with 17 years old grom sensation, Jonah McDonald. Born on the Gold Coast QLD and living in Palm Beach, Jonah just finished high school last year and regularly competes in pro junior events and rips in little edits thrown on his insta. How Good is the internet? 
-Mate, I have stumbled across your gram feed and now your little clip “Vague” has lead me to playing A Tribe Called Quest all day. Give us some background on this epic little clip. 
That song was stuck in my head for 3 days, goes away eventually haha. Vague is footage gathered throughout the last 12 months, I don’t get filmed often so decided to hang on to a couple clips and create a video at the end of the year. I named the clip “Vague” because that’s how I would describe my surfing - almost undefined, mood influenced, pretty weird and I think that my lines and approach change all the time which isn’t really a good thing. Some will argue that my style hasn’t changed but oh well, doesn’t matter. 
-What pushed you towards putting some eye candy together that wasn’t super high performance? 
I just get bored of watching clips that look and sound the same. Rather then speeding everything up and making it look intense I just edited it to fit and try to be in sync with the songs 'Melancholy Man' and 'Vibes and Stuff', always wanted to use these for a clip. Wouldn’t call it eye candy though haha. 
Photo: @jeziahmcmaster
-Is there someone you really look at for inspiration while making “Vague”? 
Not really surfing wise, maybe filmmaker Robin Pailler. There wasn't too much inspiration in the making, like I have no idea why we agreed to choose some breakfast scene as the intro, I was like “fuck it, no one is going to watch this video anyway."
-How long did it take you to put this little thing together? Did you get any help? 
About 6 hours…my laptop was being slow as fuck. It was filmed by couple mates and my parents so I’m lucky that they helped out.
Stick: @masseysurfboards
-And the stick? Your go to? 
I’d ride a 5’10, 6’1, 6’2 or an my Dad’s old 6’6 depending on the conditions and my current mood, I keep growing though which kinda sucks so going to have to get in touch with my shaper Simon Massey soon.  
-Big fan of A Tribe Called Quest? Man that track has some heat.
Not gonna lie, I just stole that song from a skate edit that my friend was in a while ago. Didn’t even know about them until I heard that song. 
If you're keen on checking this man's clips and extra social shit hit the button here for his Instagram. 
Welcome our first video edit of 2019. 
January 16, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
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