Skyla & Shelby By The Sea by Casey Ripper
I’ve never met a pair of sisters quite like Skyla & Shelby.
To them, each moment holds a special meaning,
Even the moments spent planning and preparing for the extravagant,
Are also considered a memory in their own right.


As journeys evolve and unfold,
They take the turns with great pleasure, 
For a challenge is a chance to live a little more,
Especially the trips most impromptu.
Any excuse to hit the highway or a sandy beach track, 
They’ll be ready with a spare seat to offer out,
Or an extra surfboard to loan you,
Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to pack lunch either,
Because there’ll be enough for the crew next door too.
Mangoes of both the fruit and beer variety,
You’re sorted and that’s a sure thing.


There’s no shortage of a good time,
Nor a quiet minute with these girls around,
Although so much time is already shared together,
They’ll always be discussing the some grand idea.

They had recently accomplished a New Zealand roadtrip,
And a wee Byron Bay mission shortly after landing back in the country,
So it was a momentous occasion to spend quality time together,
in the company of the Pacific Ocean.


I spent far more of these days in the water on a longboard,
Drawing inspiration from their philosophy,
Than capturing everything on a piece of film or digital sensor,
I felt great for it, as if I’d truly lived more than usual,
I could smell that sweet sea breeze, 
I felt it on my skin so much more vividly.


We scored a few fun waves and those memories are ours to keep,
Apologies for not being to share more than I’ve presented here for you.
However I hope you enjoy this video and 35mm photographs,
From our beautiful adventures all together again.

Skyla has now embarked on a journey around Australia in her Troopcarrier and Shelby has set herself up with a stunning 9'6" longboard by Andrew Warhurst, you can find us all on Instagram:






March 05, 2020 — SURF VISUALS



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